Saturday, May 27, 2006

JCK Vegas Show 2006

Getting prepared to go to Las Vegas June 3 - June 8, for the JCK International Diamond & Jewelry show. JCK Las Vegas is the largest show of its kind for the dimaond & jewelry industry. The show is for all industry professionals, retailers and businesses giving the change to get to come out and see all the new jewelry and diamond designs, that the industry is offering.

The show is ever changing every year, with new vendors such as Ebay showing up to market to the small jewelry retailers. The show is the largest of its kind and is held annually in Las Vegas. You can find the latest in trends and designs for diamonds, precious stones, and all kinds of jewelry from pearls to jade to diamonds. You can also find the latest in diamond & jewelry technology, such as cleaning processes, inventory management systems, the latest in scale technolgoy, jewelry boxes, and anything else you could be looking for related to our wonderful industry.

We will be updating here while at the show with the latest news and trends in the industry. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to know about let me know and I will try to post answers while at the show. This show gives diamond businesses the chance to gear up for the Christmas Holiday season with the latest trends available. You see the latest trends from around the world, from classic italian designs to new products coming out of China and South America.

Come celebrate at JCK Las Vegas. 15 years of glitter, glamour and gold baubles, bangles and beads... silver, platinum, pearls, and watches.Where getting together helps you get ahead... and stay ahead... of the competition. Where you can see it all, and see what has everyone coming back year in, year out.

JCK Las Vegas 2006 promises to be our most excitement-filled, action-packed, business-required event ever... with the most comprehensive exhibitor base, dazzling special events and amazing top-flight education.

See more on the show at: JCK Las Vegas 2006

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