Friday, October 06, 2006

Booming U.S. Economy causes upswing in Diamond Engagement Rings Trends

With the booming economy, high professional salaries, and a relatively stable housing market, more and more women tying the knot this year are doing it with a diamond engagement ring. This year the hottest trends in engagement ring design have been narrowed down to five styles that will be prevalent on the ring finger of many fiancées before the big day. The engagement ring landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade, the classic is still classic, to add the vintage look is back, titanium settings to differentiate from platinum, and the color stone rage, which celebrity fiancées have made famous. The average diamond engagement ring goes around the $10,000 range, but the amount of large stone rings being sold today has set record prices paid for vary rare stones.

The classic diamond engagement setting is still a staple of the diamond engagement ring business. The classic setting is always a good option, since you can wear the ring tastefully for the next 30 years and it will still turn heads. Many classic rings from decades ago have been passed on as heirlooms over the years. The classic solitaire diamond engagement ring remains a favorite amongst woman getting engaged even in today’s contemporary society. The classic solitaire setting has many variations in band and prong styles, but the key is that a single solid diamond sits on top, and shines with exuberance. If your budget is flexible you have the option of a diamond accent ring as well, which gives you a few more options to the classic setting. Round cut diamonds remain as the top seller for engagement rings, followed closely by princess cut diamonds. Emerald and oval cut diamonds seems to be the trend amongst more mature woman looking for a more elegant look.

Platinum remains the top choice for engagement ring settings, however with the dramatic rise in price, yellow and white gold have become a very viable option for cost conscious couples. With platinum bands the design no longer remains plain and simple, now more than ever woman are demanding carved designs or inlaid with precious side stones. For grooms however the most popular choice still remains the classic thick platinum band. A new trend in precious metal settings is titanium, which is very popular among men. Studies have shown that many men and women are opting for titanium over platinum or gold due to its hypoallergenic properties. Titanium is also a stronger metal than gold or silver, but lighter in weight than platinum and a cost effective alternative to platinum.

The antique look is also making a very big comeback with the hottest engagement ring designers in the industry. Vintage pieces have come out of the houses of Tacori, Ritani, Vassi, Harry Winston Jewelers and American Diamonds Forever. The vintage look has made a big comeback in the major fashion houses around the world, and is pushing the rush for the vintage diamond engagement ring. Women are now looking for more than just an engagement ring; they’re looking for it to have a bit of old world style with a contemporary flair. The antique ring design will have lots of scrupulous details such as tiny diamonds and beaded edges around the band. The antique look suits the more modern, independent, sophisticated woman that is looking to set her self apart fro the crowd. More designers and retailers are now offering vintage styles to meet the growing demand of today’s modern woman.

The newest trend in engagement rings is using colored stones/diamonds over traditional diamonds. Over the last 3 years colored stones have been on the upswing due to their celebrity status in Hollywood and the music industry. A growing number of women are opting for colored stones over traditional diamonds to represent their individuality. The most popular have been the yellow and pink diamond. The yellow diamond has become a status symbol amongst men in Hollywood and the music industry. These colored stones are being set in frilled bands to achieve a whole new type of vintage look.

Overall the rise in the economy over the last two decades has changed the face of the diamond engagement ring industry.

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