Friday, October 13, 2006

DTC October Sight $600-$625M

Every Month the DTC releases a sight of diamonds to a select group of about 80 DTC Sightholders. These sightholders are world leading diamantiers, and are chosen based on their expertise in diamonds and marketing. This is an article from Rappaport, that we thought was worth a mention.

The Diamond Trading Company's (DTC) eighth sight of 2006 ended October 6. Estimated value of rough on offer suggested a range of between $600 million and $625 million. According to a DTC spokesperson there were no price changes.

"We have listened very carefully to the feedback from our sightholders over the past few months and have endeavored to ensure that the boxes available at the October sight represented good value," the spokesperson said.

The DTC confirmed too that it has accommodated sightholder requests to defer and/or reject goods.

Special Thanks to the DeBeers Group.

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