Wednesday, November 01, 2006

152 carat diamond sells for 4.4 million

Rockwell Ventures Inc., and Durnpike Investments (Pty) Limited, sold a 152.11, D-color, diamond for $4.4 million or $29,123 per carat. The diamond was recovered from Wouterspan in South Africa during September and sold during tender the week of October 16, 2006.

The partners produced 1,292.03 carats of diamonds from Holpan/Klipdam, which sold for $1,247,636.10 in September. This is an average value of $965.64 per carat. 152-carat diamond

Not including the 152-carat diamond, a total of 1,229.09 carats were recovered from Wouterspan in September. The diamonds were sold for $2,792,166.42 for an average value of $2,272.73 per carat.

John Bristow, president of Rockwell, said, "We are encouraged by the strength of prices at the large stone - high quality end of the market and the great returns received from the most recent tenders.

"The 152.11 carat stone was the second 100 plus carat stone recovered at Wouterspan in 2006, and is a testament to the exceptional size and quality of diamonds recovered from the alluvial deposits of this area."

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