Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Diamonds are Icing on the Cake

No need to worry about your diet with this extra rich cake because the richness isn’t edible. Instead, it comes from one-hundred diamonds sprinkled on top of the chocolate cake.

The 14-inch dessert is the creation of the Japanese jeweler Sa-Birth, who supplied the gems and Masami Miyamoto, the pastry chef who designed it.

Japan’s Takashimaya department store has the cake on display in Osaka. The diamonds on the layer cake weigh a combined 50 carats. While the store admits the cake is really just a way to draw people into the store, they would be willing to part with it for a mere $850,000. So far though, there have been no takers.

If you’re not willing to fork over the dough for the cake though, you can always opt for the Maybach 57S instead. While the regular version will run you €360,000, the truly rich head for the diamond-embedded version going for a cool €590,000. For that price, your car will be bejeweled with diamonds. The bonus: if you forgot your wife’s birthday gift, you can always run to your car to pick out a diamond.

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