Monday, May 07, 2007

KGK Enterprises Celebrates Freedom Day

KGK Enterprises, a Diamond Trading Company sightholder with a sight in both London and South Africa, was the main sponsor for two 13th Freedom Day of South Africa events taking place in India. The event was held on the evening of April 27, 2007, in Mumbai and on April 28 in Delhi.

In Mumbai the celebrations included a gala dinner in which chefs were flown in from South Africa to prepare authentic cuisine from their homeland. A live performance by South Africa troupe Thembi Skosana entertained the audience.

KGK Enterprises From Left to Right: Amit Ghiya, Tanaz Irani, Monika Divekar, N.R. Kothari, Buzi Kuzwayo (Consul Gen. South Africa,) Sandeep Kothari, Preeti Kothari. Photo courtesy of KGK Enterprises.

KGK chairman N. R. Kothari said, "As we are a sightholder in South Africa, we have long term interest in this young country.

"South Africa is the economic powerhouse of Africa with political and economic stability. It is also strategically located," he said.

Diamond and jewelry demand is on the increase in South Africa from the domestic markets as well as from tourists. "In South Africa our approach has been to add value to the producing country by bringing in our technical expertise, our know-how and skills," Kothari said.

KGK trains locals for employment opportunities. "We are BEE compliant and have several Beneficiation schemes for the people. Hence it was a natural extension to join hands with them and partake in their celebration, both in Mumbai as well as Delhi,” Kothari said.

KGK was founded in 1905 first as a colored stone business, but the firm later diversified into diamonds. KGK became a sightholder in London in 1997, and then took on a sight in South Africa in 2005. KGK is present in all the major diamond markets, across 14 countries, and has a stake in diamond manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing, and retail sectors.

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