Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Antwerp: Michielsen Launches Centenaire Diamond Cut

Diamond manufacturer Michielsen Manufacturing & Co., based in Antwerp, introduced a new diamond cut trademarked as the Centenaire cut.

With its round shape and 100 facets the Centenaire cut will guarantee the highest glittering and brilliance, which is never seen before in all other diamond cuts Michielsen concluded. Diamond Cut

"As an aureole of sunrays the light will exit the diamond and with this it shows the characteristics of this very special diamond cut, which makes it recognizable from far," the company wrote in a statement.

"Even more than in other diamond cuts you will see the light in the Centenaire cut in all colors of the rainbow move from one facet to an other."

Due to its special cut that carries through from center to the edge, light reflection makes the diamond appear larger than a comparable brilliant cut, Michielseon contended.

"Because its special refraction, a diamond cut into the Centenaire cut will show a higher color than a comparable diamond cut in an other way. Even natural inclusions are, because of the many facets, more difficult to observe. All these pros make the Centenaire cut even more beautiful when used in a jewel."

The company supplies Centenaire cut with an IGI certificate from 0.30-carats on up.

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