Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PGI Unveils Fourth Commissioned Water-Inspired Design

Platinum Guild International unveiled on August 23 in Mumbai the fourth in a series of water-inspired jewelry pieces, which they commissioned. Dubbed “Iraja,” a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Born of Water’, the flowing neckpiece falls in chains over the shoulder of the wearer.

Iraja was manufactured by Ganjam, a well-known Indian jeweler, and created by the company’s senior designer Arunima Bhaumik.

Earlier such commissioned pieces include “Aqua,” by Italian studio Orlando Orlandini; “Shibuki,” Japanese for ‘Splash of Water’; and “Jiang,” a representation of China’s Yangtze River.

Iraja is made of 450 grams of platinum, set with 303 diamonds and has 1,500 links and 840 beads. It was produced using five innovative manufacturing techniques and three different surface finishes.

Although valued at $250,000, the Iraja is not for sale.

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