Friday, December 16, 2011

Tourneau Turns to MICROS-Retail for Ecommerce Platform

Tourneau launched its ecommerce website using MICROS-Retail Open Commerce Platform. Tourneau needed a front-end design that reflected the iconic brand while developing an innovative navigation system and browsing mode for multiple platforms. To further build client relationships, the shopper can now schedule service appointments online or have a timepiece delivered to the store for future pickup.

The new website also acts as a showcase for Tourneau timepieces with high-resolution product photography that enables customers to view the slightest detail from inner-workings of the pieces.

MICROS-Retail's all-channel solution set includes MICROS-Retail's order management system, retail porter, and Open Commerce Platform, which is a Java-based, highly flexible commerce framework. In the near future, its Relate CRM solution will drive Tourneau's client outreach, and allow sales professionals to provide white glove service to their customers, regardless of where the transaction begins or ends.

"When embarking upon this new venture, we were impressed by the variety of MICROS-Retail's offerings and its forward-thinking multi-channel approach,'' said Don McNichol, the senior vice president of direct marketing for Tourneau. ''The integration of technology across all touch-points of the business affords a seamlessness that can truly benefit our business and our customers.''

John Gularson, the managing director of MICROS-Retail, explained, ''We worked closely with the Tourneau team to push the envelope and deliver a highly creative and interactive design that will engage and captivate the customer."

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